Ken Sytsma Lab  Botany Department - University of Wisconsin, Madison

Juerg Schönenberger - Molecular and morphological phylogenetics of Ericales

Charles Delwiche - Transition from Coleochaetales to land plants based on DNA sequences

William Alverson - Molecular phylogenetics of Bombacaceae

David Baum - Molecular phylogenetics in Epilobieae (Onagraceae)

Jocelyn Hall

Chris Pires

Sky Feller

Celeste Raker

Aaron Rodriguez

Michelle Zjhra

Molly Nepokroeff

Timothy Evans

Elena Conti

William Hahn

Molly Nepokroeff

Karen Nakasone

James F. Smith

Randy L. Smith

Ph.D. 2003

Ph.D. 2000

M.S. 2000

M.S. 1999

Ph.D. 1999

Ph.D. 1998

Ph.D. 1997

Ph.D. 1995

Ph.D. 1994

Ph.D. 1993

M.S.  1992

Ph.D. 1992

Ph.D. 1992

M.S.  1988

Phylogenetics and species concepts in the Everniastrum lichen complex (co-advised with A. Gargas)

Phylogenetics and floral evolution in Salvia (Lamiaceae), especially New World; staminal evolution

Systematics and floral evolution of Capparaceae and other core Brassicales

Phylogenetics and biosystematics in the Brodiaea (Themidaceae) complex

Conservation and evolution of the threatened Gnaphalium saxicola (Asteraceae) in Wisconsin

Taxonomy of wild potatoes - Solanum sect. Petota (Solanaceae)

Ecology and molecular systematics of Tigridia(Iridaceae)

Molecular systematics of Bignoniaceae in Madagascar

Molecular systematics and evolution of breeding systems in Psychotria (Rubiaceae) in Hawaii

Systematics of the Commelinaceae and Commelinales

Molecular systematics of Myrtales and related families

Monograph and molecular systematics of Caryota (Palmae)

Biosystematics of axillary inflorescenced Psychotria in Central America

Molecular systematics of the basidiomycete Phlebia using mitochondrial DNA

Biosystematics and evolution in Columnea (Gesneriaceae)

Chloroplast DNA-based phylogeny of Populus (Salicaceae)

Former Postdocs

Former Faculty Visitors

Jorge Crisci - Phylogenetics of Onagraceae and Ericales

Liliana Katinas - Phylogenetics of Mutisieae and Camissonia

Shirley Graham - Phylogenetics of Lythraceae

Brian Husband - Molecular systematics of Epilobium and Chamerion

David Spooner - Molecular systematics and biogeography of Solanum sect. Petota

Michael Donoghue - Molecular systematics of Viburnum

Joachim Kadereit - Molecular phylogenetics of Papaver

Rachel Schmidt Jabaily - Ph.D. 2009

Assistant Professor, Rhodes College

Studied the phylogenetics and biogeography of Puya (Bromeliaceae) of the Andes; the evolution of life history strategies in Puya; use of AFLP analyses under parsimony, likelihood, and Bayesian inferences

Josh Sulman - M.S. 2010

Madison, WI

Studied the phylogenetics and biogeography of the Arcto-Tertiary Sparganium (bur-reeds); and their ecological specialization in growth form and to water chemistry

Bryan Drew - Ph.D. 2011

Assistant Professor - University of Nebraska, Kearney

Uncovered the phylogenetic relationships and biogeographical patterns of Lepechinia (Lamiaceae) from California to South America, the relationships within the tribe Mentheae (Lamiaceae), and the temporal rise of the Madro-Tertiary flora in California

Ben Grady - Ph.D. 2012

Beloit College

Studied the phylogenetics, biogeography and ecology of a clade of Eriogonum (Polygoanceae) of western North America; the evolution of tolerance/adaptation to extreme soil types; and the population biology of threatened and endangered species

Brent Berger - Ph.D. 2012

Former Postdoc - St. John’s University

Studied the phylogenetics and biogeography of pantropical Combretaceae with emphasis on Combretum; the relationships and temporal diversification of the order Myrtales; and the temporal spread of Metrosideros and allies across the Pacific

Marie Trest - M.S. 2007

Botany Department Academic Staff, University of Wisconsin

Jay Walker - Ph.D. 2006

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa

Post Docs       Graduate Students        Former People

Daniel Spalink - Ph.D. 2015

Assistant Professor - Texas A&M

Studied the phylogenetics of the bulrushes (Scirpus s.s., Cyperaceae); understanding their biogeographical distributions, speciation, ecological tolerance, and susceptibility to climate change

John Zaborsky - Ph.D. 2018

Curator - Wisconsin State Herbarium

Studyied the phylogenetics and biogeography of Malagasy endemic Uncarina in the Pedaliaceae; the evolutionary paths to succulence and other xeric adapted features

Jeffrey Rose - Ph.D. 2018

Post doc - University of Nebraska, Kearney, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Interested in monographing, phylogenetics, biogeography, and speciation; Polemonium, Polemoniaceae, and Ericaceae

Chloe Drummond  - Ph.D. 2018

Post doc - Penn State

Researched the enigmatic Western North America-Great Lakes disjunct distribution using three vascular plants as case studies: Rubus parviflorus, Oplopanax horridus, and Aconitum columbianum.

Chloe’s website

Cara Streekstra  - Mastters 2021

Phylogenetics, morphological evolution, and biogeography within Phlox divaricata (Polemoniaceeae).