Ken Sytsma Lab  Botany Department - University of Wisconsin, Madison

Our research centers on questions of plant diversity - how are species and higher clades related? how should these taxa be classified? what are the processes that have influenced their origins? how have key morphological characters evolved? do morphological and ecological features show convergence among unrelated taxa, or divergence within related taxa? what is the temporal setting for these diversifications? These questions are addressed on taxa from species to orders, and across temperate and tropical biomes. Molecular phylogenetics (genomic sequencing) is the primary way that phylogenetic frameworks are obtained to address these questions.


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Ken Sytsma along southern shore of Lake Superior, Michigan UPWelcome_files/Ken%27sCV.pdf

Photos: view of Bryce Canyon, Utah; ephemeral flowers of the boreal Polygala paucifolia in Michigan; alpine meadow Aquilegia coerulea var. ochroleuca in the Wasatch Range, Utah; hummingbird on Costus pulverulentus in Belize; Clermontia grandiflora in Hawaii; pollen gathering halictid bee on Stegolepis angustata in Venezuela